Buying and selling life's big ticket items can be tricky, so MAX Allowance® created the world's most considerate cash offer™ and deal negotiation website. Through MAX Allowance® private sellers and dealers exchange detailed vehicle, market value, and service details, clearing the path toward a fully transparent offer, negotiation, and (mutually beneficial) vehicle sale, purchase or trade in agreement. Through a safe and secure mobile communication system MAX Allowance® mobile consumers and local dealers exchange video, photos and other important details of the vehicle(s) each has posted for sale, cash purchase or trade-in.

MAX Allowance® directly facilitates full disclosure by both buyer and seller. At NO COST dealer customers and prospective customers are assigned a secure, personalized url (PURL) and offer management system. Once logged in, trade in, cash sale or vehicle purchase prospects enjoy the world's most considerate cash offer™ and the most stress free, transparent deal negotiation experience ever created between local dealers and the customers they service. At MAX Allowance® we create hundreds of win/win relationships between dealerships and their local customers everyday.

Use MAX Allowance® To Cash Out or Trade Out Any Vehicle

The buying and selling of used transportation is a problem for private owners and dealers alike. Owners of used cars incorrectly believe their best bet is selling their vehicle to a private buyer or BIG BOX national used vehicle chain. The fact is local franchise dealers scramble every month to locate and purchase their manufacturer's late and early model used vehicles (which are always in high demand by local used or pre-owned buyers who are loyal to their brand).

The For Sale By Owner market is full of people who tried and failed to sell their used vehicle. Your local dealers have an immediate need and a ready supply of cash to purchase from private sellers like you! Afraid of getting "low balled"? MAX Allowance® provides a transparent and empowering process dealer and consumer negotiation process that encourages dealers to step up their cash offers, MAXimizing the size and number of dealer offers you will receive.